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As a Mum and an airline professional, I was looking for innovative and safe ways to travel with small children. I noticed lots of parents getting in a real panic about whether they should take their regular buggy and car seat on holiday. Whilst the airlines don’t mind this, it can be hard to travel with all the gear needed especially if you are going solo.

When you factor in airline travel and then hire cars and taxi’s I often saw the mentality that ‘well it’s only one journey’ so we will do without taking the car seat. It’s this exact situation that caused me the greatest of concern. Would you travel for just one journey in the UK without a car seat? So why would it be acceptable on holiday, with foreign vehicles, hospitals, negotiating travel insurance and not to mention spoiling you holiday is it really worth the risk? It occurred to me that we shouldn’t have to compromise on safety for our kids while away, they should be secure comfortable and have every eventuality covered and so this is the main reason I began working with Triple Play Products.

Hired car seats are by most standards passable, they are a requirement that the car hire companies could really do without, so you can never be guaranteed that it has had a proper clean, is the right type for your child or has been in a vehicle with a smoker or worse still an accident.

Having the freedom to travel straight off the plane, through security and baggage reclaim to your vehicle knowing you can install it safely and confidently for me is invaluable. Because you need to know that you can secure it properly in advance and not under pressure while trying to stuff the car full of luggage at the same time.

Sit n Stroll is not a replacement for your regular buggy or a car seat, it is a product for travelling families that offers safety and simplicity. That is why it is the product of choice for flight crew parents and celebrities. Of course it is very handy for day to day use as well, but it really comes into its own when you are on the move and boarding aircraft. That is why its popularity has soared in the US and Europe because to them, getting on a plane is like getting on a bus. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just drop down the wheels and GO!

Sit ‘n’ Stroll it wasn’t available in the UK until recently after attaining the ECE R44/04 rating for Europe so I joined forces with Lilly Gold in the US to become the sole EU distributor. In 2014 the Sit ‘n’ Stroll attained the ECE R44 rating for use in Europe and is now available to purchase exclusively on Amazon.

I hope that you find this product as exciting and as simple to use as I do and that you have many stress free journeys with your little ones. Travelling doesn’t have to be complicated and a holiday should be about relaxing and not stressing over car seat/buggy logistics! Thanks for clicking and happy travelling!

Victoria – Mum to Emilia (7) and Barney (5)

Sit n Stroll is certified to ECE R44/04 standard which is acceptable to the CAA for use onboard. Always check with your airline before travel as seat restrictions may apply.


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